How to consider actual values for math calculations?

In our grid implementation, a column has a simple formula “ron[=c8/c9]”.
I am using
to round of the values to 2 decimal points.
Also, we have grouping & grand total in footer.
The group header data & the footer total is calculated based on the round of values.
I want the totals to be calculated based on the actual values but not based on the rounded of values.
I am using #stat_total macro for group header data & footer data for summations.

grid.groupBy(0, ["","","#title","","","","","","#stat_total","","#stat_total"]);
grid.attachFooter(["&nbsp","&nbsp",“Grand Total”,"#cspan","#cspan","#cspan","#cspan","#cspan","#stat_total","&nbsp","#stat_total"],[]);

So, I want the summation to be based on actual values (but not the rounded values) & ofcourse the displayed values should be rounded values.
In simple words, the calculations should be same as that of excel.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Unfortunately it’s not availble.