How to Control Gantt Editing



We want to implement this so that only Specific users can edit it when editing Gantt.

  • InlineEditor
    Specific users : Allow full edit
    General user : only allow progress

  • GatnttChart, Lightbox
    Specific users : Allow full edit
    General user : Not editable, Don’t show Lightbox

Please tell me how to implement it.


GatnttChart, Lightbox resolved as follows.

gantt.config.details_on_create = false
gantt.config.details_on_dblclick = false
gantt.config.drag_move = false
gantt.config.drag_links = false …

How can I prevent editing certain fields in inlineEditor.


All have been fixed.


Hello Kdwehd,
You can also use the event handlers and return false in them. The lightbox and inline editors won’t be opened, it won’t be possible to drag, resize and add tasks and delete links.
Here is the snippet: