How to control height of dhtmlxCombo list when filtering?

We’re using dhtmlxCombo cells in a dhtmlxGrid, and have recently started using enableFilteringMode (client-side filtering only). However, we have heretofore been using enableOptionAutoHeight in order to increase the vertical size of those combo box drop lists to more like 15 items rather than the default 5 items, and it appears that these two settings are not entirely compatible. Specifically, if one makes a selection from the combo box, and then returns to it later to open the drop list again, the drop list initializes as only one item high (to accommodate only the selected item), and then if one backspaces to remove the selected item the list contents do become unfiltered but still appear only in that same 1-item high drop list, which makes the list nearly impossible to navigate. If we remove enableOptionAutoHeight, then we get the default 5 rows all of the time, which at least makes the filtering usable, but we’d really prefer to have those drop lists be vertically larger than 5 rows. Is there any way to set the height of the drop list other than enableOptionAutoHeight (which is the only thing we’ve ever seen suggested in this forum for setting that height) … specifically, a method that is more compatible with enableFilteringMode, where the list will always be of a certain height even when we open it already filtered down to a single item?

This is with dhtmlx v3.0, by the way, before enableOptionAutoHeight was deprecated. We have plans to update production to dhtmlx 5.1, if that would make any difference in this matter, but unfortunately that’s a ways off yet.

You may try to use the enableOptionAutoHeight mode: … autoheight
or you may set the options list height manually: … tionheight
Using the latest dhtmlxSuite package this problem is not occurring: … combo.html