How to convert the charset

dose the dhtmlxconnector convert the charset when the data get from the database?
my database use oracle ,and charset is us7ascii , my website encode is gbk ,i want to show chinese .normally ,i use jdbc get data from the database ,when get the data from the database ,through “new String(str.getBytes(“iso-8859-1”), “gbk”)”,convert the string charset,and it can get the correct result.
but when i use dhtmlxconnector ,still use “new String(str.getBytes(“iso-8859-1”), “gbk”)” in the beforeRender event ,i can’t get the correct result,and all string is Garbled. what can i do about the convert the charset?

In additional to that command, before calling render_table or render_sql you need to call


This command will specify the correct encoding for the xml export, so the data will be transferred with valid content type and correctly processed on the client side.

i call grid.set_encoding(“gbk”); but still has the problem.I view the source code, I use oracle database and found in the file, getStatement method to set the type of the ResultSet TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE ,if set to TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY result is correct, this is why?

We will investigate issue.