How to copy/paste a node text label ?


Hi all,

By default it seems that the dhtmlxtree is preventing the text selection of a node.
I wish to remove this limitation, to allow my users to highlight a text node (using mouse) to copy and paste the node name (using CTRL+C/CTRL+V)

example, i would like to highligth and copy the text node “Book 1” from … _item.html

I don’t want to use javascript, it will require to add a button to “copy” the node text and i’ll have security issue to access user’s clipboard.

I’m sure it can be done using CSS, but I couldn’t find it yet. (using “user-select” property?)

Thank you,


Please, try to add the following line:
myTree.allTree.onselectstart = function(){ return true; }
It should solve the problem.


Hi sematik,

Many thanks for the trick, it works!