how to copy rows from excel to dhtmlxgid?

is it possible? plz tell me how? it’s urgent!!!

you can use clipboard to copy cells or paste them.
Please look at this sample: … ction.html

I did try this. It’s kinda working but now the issue is that excel data in clipboard gets copied in 1st column not in selected block of column. why?

Here’s my grid xml:

@model dynamic
Response.ContentType = “text/xml”;
Layout = null;

S.# SRN Class
<column  id="Type"  width="20" sort="str"  type="combo" filter="true"  
source="../DynamicData/JV_ASSET/Type.xml"  align="left" >

<column  id="TareWt" width="10"  sort="str" type="edn"  align="left"  >Tare Wt.</column>
<column  id="MfgInfo" width="20"  sort="str" type="ed"  align="left"  >Mfg. Info</column>


@foreach (var rec in Model.Rows)

   <row id="@(rec.UIdx)" >
    <userdata name="LID">@rec.LID</userdata>
    <userdata name="SID">@rec.SID</userdata>
    <cell />


And here’s js script:

        var dp_qtySubGrid = new dataProcessor("/JV_ASSET/SaveSubList");
        dp_qtySubGrid.setTransactionMode("POST", false);
        dp_qtySubGrid.setDataColumns([false, true, true, true, true, true]);
        qtySubGrid.attachEvent("onBeforeSelect", function () {
            return false;



        qtySubGrid.attachEvent("onKeyPress", function onKeyPressed(code, ctrl, shift) {
            if (code == 67 && ctrl) {//Ctrl+C
                if (!qtySubGrid._selectionArea)
                    return alert("You need to select a block area in grid first");
            if (code == 86 && ctrl) {//Ctrl+V

Note that 2nd and 3rd columns in the grid above are combo type!

Access denied to clipboard under Linux (Ubuntu 10.04LTS)