How to create dhtmlx form that is tabbed (dhtmlxtabbed)


I’m in need of a correct or proper way to create a dhtmlxForm that was attached to a dhtmlxWindow and I want the controls/inputs into separate tabs to provide a more simple interface to user.

Here is the scenario

I create a window and I attach a form using var form = win.attachForm(struct, 'json').
After I created the form (lots of inputs/controls) I want to create TABs to group my controls (Personal Info, Education, Experiences)

I cannot create this one. It gives me error/nothing. I am able to render a tab but the controls/inputs are gone even if I attached the object to the tabs.

var struct = [
  {type: 'container' name: 'container-tab-1', list: [lots of input here]},
  {type: 'container' name: 'tab-1', list: [lots of input here]},
  {type: 'container' name: 'tab-2', list: [lots of input here]},
var win = dhx.createWindow('test', 0, 0, 600, 400);
var form = win.attachForm(struct, 'json');
var _tab = // what is next? help here needed

Could you please, clarify how it should look like.
You may use several forms placed in the tabs of a tabbar, or the sidebar.

It is okay now. I was confuse about forms. I thought I need to create a form instance on every tab.

What I did is assign an id to a container/block and right after instantiating a form, I then attach those container to another tab and it works.