How to create dhtmlxWindows over dhtmlxLayout

I have created a

to contain a dhtmlxLayout with dhtmlxMenu. I would like to open a dhtmlxWindow from my dhtmlxMenu. I have read thru the doc and initialize with following code:

var dhxWins = new dhtmlxWindows();



var win = dhxWins.createWindow(“id_about”, 0, 0, 100, 100);


However, my dhtmlxWindow content was empty once I reload the page. What is the correct way of initialize it?

The provided code is correct. There are two possible methods you have missed:

- the image is not set (setImagePath method)

- the window content are not attached (attachObject, attachHTMLString or attachURL methods)

Please, see the sample in the window package dhtmlxWindows/samples/viewports/render_as.html