how to customize agenda view & event description


First of all I would like to congratulate you on your work. I’m really impressed with scheduler, and I think it’s great.

I have some questions, that I couldn’t find in your forum so I hope you can help me:

  1. My site has your scheduler joomla plugin with agenda view by default, but I would like to show aditional customized fields to that view, besides date and description. What should I do to show them?

  2. When I click an event and the description pops out, where can I edit this output? Also can I add images in this window?

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

What should I do to show them?

You can add the next code to the end of

scheduler.templates.agenda_text=function(ev){ return ev.text+" "+ev.some_property; //this line defines which properties will be shown }

When I click an event and the description pops out
Form is based on custom fields, which you have set in admin part. If user have edit rights - it will see a form, if user has not such rights - it will see the same form but in readonly state.


I have a similar question according the agenda view. I am using the Wordpress Plugin of the scheduler and gernerally said I would like to have the same sortable view for the Agenda view like the view within the Dashboard where you can see all Custom Profile fields. IS there an easy way to replace the view of the Agenda to the style in the Dashboard (including the ability to sort the table on all possible collums)?


Ok,I looked a little bit around in the sourcecode to give it a try to code it myself. Unfortunatly my Java Skript experience is quite limited and especially with such a complex framework with so many possibilities. But before I run completly in the wrong direction I would like to see if I am on the right track. I looked at the files of which I think are responsible for building up the table of events in the dashboard which seems to be the file dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.js. As allready mentioned above the file that is responsible for building the agenda View is the dhtmlxscheduler_agenda_view.js.
In the first file I think I found the code that generates the view. It should be:

[code]this.grid = this.acc.cells(“a4”).attachGrid();
this.grid.setImagePath(this.url + “imgs/”);

this.dp = new dataProcessor(this.url_load + "&grid_events=true");
this.grid.loadXML(this.url_load + "&grid_events=true");


This block seems to rely on some other source than the Agenda view as the structure of the code seems to be simpler than the one in dhtmlxscheduler_agenda_view.js. Can anyone give me a helping hand in implemting the desired functionality and tell me if I’m on the right track.


The code at backend uses dhtmlxGrid to represent a list of events. Which is separate component, which is not included on public pages.

Code of agenda view, uses much more simplier logic
in dhtmlxscheduler_agenda_view.js, fill_agenda_tab function, it build html string with all events.
Replacing it with dynamic grid will require a lot of efforts, unfortunately there is no easy way to implement the desired functionality.


thats a pittz because that would have been the solution that looked best to suit my requiremts. Maybe that functionalty could be integrated somehow in a future release to have this gridlayout also for public pages. So for now I will have to try to adjust the code that I have at least the possibility to show the custom field in the view. Does the recommended change that is allready posted above for the joomla module also work for the WP addon? For me it looks a little bit strange to add this function outside the “for loop” that seems to process the entries but maybe i just miss the point in Java Skript Programming.


Does the recommended change that is allready posted above for the joomla module also work for the WP addon?

The joomla and WP code differs only by user-rights management, the scheduler related logic is fully the same in both plugins.

Another question on that issue: As I don’t need the editing function within the agendaview, would it perhaps be easier to implement the grid view with sortable collums taking this into consideration. Another Option for me would be to add a grid view completly separated from the scheduler so that the grid module would just grab the data from the scheduler without any editing functionality. I owuld than still have tu figure out how to adjust the overall design to fit into the wordpress template but that could be sorted out esier I think as this is more or less “just” CSS tweaking.

Another thanks in advance for the great support aleways given here.

You can add the next code to the end of

Hi if I trying do something like this, everything works

But if I trying put there some HTML code like this:

I got just blank agenda. So its posible somehow format this text? Im using WP plugin 2.3.