How to define attributes/functions for events when parsed

I need to be able to have an attribute on each event (real and recurring occurrence copies) that is just the date (without the time).

Since I’m using the recurring option, I can’t just add the attribute to the JSON feed.

Is there a way to add additional attributes/functions to events as they are being parsed?


try onEventLoading event, it will be fired for each loaded event … entloading

Do you mean that for each instance of recurring date it must have different value ?

If this is constant for all recurring instances - you can define it directly in json, it will be copied to each instance. While rendering instances of recurring event, scheduler do not create separate objects for them ( this is the same object, just with different dates ) so if you have not separate records in json, then it is not possible to have different values for different instances of recurring event.

Yes, I do need a unique value for each occurrence in the recurring series. And some of those occurrences won’t be unique records in JSON.

Thank you for the clarification.

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