How to define initial value in richselect?

I have used below code to define dynamic data in rich select. Now i want to define initial value in richselect. So how can i do?


Please see the following post

Hi, Thanks and i have checked above link but i don’t want to bind rich select value but i want to define initial value of richselect after defining it’s value.


You can set the required value in the new_event_data template: … event_data

I am not getting. Could you please provide example, if possible?

Here is the example:

scheduler.templates.new_event_data= function(){
var hours = (dhx.Date.add(new Date(),1,“hour”)).getHours();
var start = dhx.Date.copy(this.coreData.getValue());
var end = dhx.Date.add(start,1,“hour”);
return {start_date:start,end_date:end, user: 1 };