How to define the start hour of the timeline?


I created dhtmlx schedule with the timeline view. But I don’t know how to properly define the start hour of the timeline. For instance, current time is 11:14. I would like to make this time as a start time of the timeline. x_start: d.getMinutes() results in 00:14 instead of 11:14.

var d = new Date(); scheduler.createTimelineView({ name: "timeline", x_unit: "minute", x_date: "%H:%i", x_step: 1, x_size: 30, x_start: d.getMinutes(), x_length: 24, y_unit: sections, y_property: "section_id", render:"bar" });


Your “unit” is minute and “step” = 30 minutes.

That means
x_start: 0 // 00:00
x_start: 1 // 00:30
x_start: 26 // 13:00

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