How to delete "icon" in check box mode

Hi Team

I got a problem in using the greate component dhtmlxTree with check box mode.
My requirement was below:

  1. Use 2 icon in check box tree view (“+” and “Check box”), but example “\dhtmlxTree\dhtmlxTree\samples\02_checkboxes\05_tree_checkboxes.html” use 3 icons (“+”, “Check box” and “img”)

  2. I don’t want root node have check box or rideo button

I tried to change the xml file, but I couldn’t get any progress.

Any idea on this? Thanks,

Best wishes,



PRO edition provides enableTreeImages that allows not to show icons in tree:

tree.enableTreeImages(false) ;

In case of standard edition you can try to hide using private property:

To hide checkbox of a certain item you can use showItemCheckbox method (PRO edition only) or nocheckbox attribute in the xml:
<item nocheckbox=“1” …>