How to delete multiple events at once


I want to know how i can delete multiple events by passing Ids to scheduler.deleteEvent() ?

lets say i want to delete events ids( 25 , 26 , 27 , 28 ) And i want to do this in one request. Alternatively i can do this by looping this function scheduler.getEvent() … But i need to do this at once.

Also same thing for updating if i want to update multiple events with different details of start,end time and text etc…

Any help?



Yes, you need to call getEvent() for each event in the loop. Currently there is no other solution.

Could you please clarify the use case and why you need that? Perhaps we consider to implement the functionality in the future.


Yeah i can tell . Actually in my case i have defined one Event as a parent and others have parent event id as a linking reference. So if anyone click on child or parent event it will ask if you want to delete This one event or if you want to delete all parent child event series. So if i say delete all… i will take all ids of event series and pass it to scheduler.getEvent() instead of looping.