How to disable a SELECT element in a grid using XML load

I am loading a grid from XML generated in PHP. The grid needs to be dynamically configured according to the data rules. In some cases, the rules stipulate that a particular SELECT element is to be visible, but disabled ( so that users may view the current value, but cannot change the value). I have tried to disable the element by using the

construction, like this:

However, although the column displays correctly, it is not disabled.

Perhaps there is a syntax that works?

I would prefer not to use the Javascript API if it is possible to achieve the necessary result in XML.

Unfortunately such feature is available using the onEditCell event only.
You need to try to use the following code:

grid.attachEvent("onEditCell", function(stage,rId,cInd,nValue,oValue){ if(cInd==required_column_index && stage==2) return false else return true });

Thanks - will try that