How to disable calendar?

I want to disable calendar while clicking a button.

Thanks in advance.

Not quite sure what do you mean, by “disable calendar”
You can use
to block scheduler’s area.

Ya the calendar can be blocked with the above code but my working scenario is somewhat other. Here am explaining what i want.

Actually when i click on the calendar dates it will show my popup window. But while am on the popup i can drag and click on dates in the calendar behind the popup for event creation and edit. So i want to disable the calendar alone. I have tried with your code but its disabling my popup also along with the calendar.

Thanks in advance.

I have edited the dhmtlxscheduler.css
.dhx_cal_cover{z-index:10000;} changed to .dhx_cal_cover{z-index:999;}
Other styles in .dhx_cal_cover must be maintained without change.
Actually my popup z-index was 1000 thats why it got disabled.