how to disable dataprocessor in dhtmlxtree


i want to disable dataprocessor for many actions in my tree (delete from the visible tree on the page, but do nothing in the database)

how can i do that ?


There is no native solution, but the next code can be used

var old=dp.setUpdated;

…any code here will not trigger dataprocessor …


where dp - instance of dataprocessor

thanks for the answer, it’s work !
but when it delete an item during the setUpdated function is redefine, the node don’t disapear in the tree. he is just crossed. is it normal ? how can i do to make it invisibe ?

You can use the next code snippet for item deleting

tree.setUserData(id,"!nativeeditor_status",“deleted”); //mark item to be ignored by dataprocessors logic

ok, it’s perfect.