How to disable duration or set value for duration as float number?

I can set value for start_date ex: 18-06-2019 00:00 and end_date ex: 20-06-2019 20:00

But when I drag and drop a task to start_date ex: 19-06-2019 00:00 and expected end_date must be 21-06-2019 20:00 but it is 21-06-2019 23:59.

I know It calculated by duration because the value of duration is always int number. I want to fix this.

Hello Cao,
Gantt uses non-inclusive duration. Looks like, you apply the following workaround to make the duration inclusive:

Also, there is another thing. By default, tasks snap to the nearest scale border and Gantt rounds the duration because the duration parameter can only be an integer. You cannot set a float duration.
But you can change the duration_unit to hour and use the template in the column configuration to display the float duration in the grid:

	{name: "duration", label: "Duration", align: "center", width: 60, resize: true, template: function(task){
  		return task.duration / 24

Also, you can add the following option, and the task won’t snap to the nearest scale border after moving or resizing the task:

gantt.config.round_dnd_dates = false;

Here is an example:

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