How to disable event creation only

Hi folks,

How to disable event creation while being able to allow display detail or edit event when it is dbclicked?

scheduler.config.readonly=“true” will block all the cells including events in the scheduler.


scheduler.config.dblclick_create = false; scheduler.config.drag_create = false;

Hi Stanislav,

Woo, that works. Thank you very much!

I’ve got a rough idea of how to implement the use-case mentioned in my previous post

  1. use scheduler to display events

  2. use dataProcessor to save event_participants, plus some server side processing
    var dp = new dataProcessor(“event_participants”);

  3. disable event creation and allow lightbox shows up when event is dbclicked

  4. change the !nativeeditor_status to “inserted” onBeforeLightbox

  5. customize Lightbox to map to event_participants table fields

Currently, I don’t know how to implement step4. Is there any parameter of event relevant to this editor status?

I appreciate you greatly if you can help me to implement this use-case.


I’ve got a rough idea of how to implement
You can consider usage of custom form instead of lightbox

You can use dhtmlxForm or any custom html form, and just show it on dbl-click event , dhtmlxForm can wrap native html form and link it to server side connector, so it will be saved in the same manner as scheduler’s data.

I don’t know how to implement step4

dp.attachEvent("onRowMark",function(id,state,mode){ if (state && mode == "updated"){ dp.setUpdated(id,true,"inserted"); return false; } return true; });

Hi Stanislav,

Thank you so very much! I will try the dhtxmlform to implement the use-case.