How to disable the titles


How to disable the titles which gets displayed for every cell?

below mentioned is the source code sample of one of the cells that is being displayed. There is a text and image in the cell. On hovering on the image “4” should get displayed in the title bu i am getting the valu “1”. Value “1” is the value which the cell is holding.


<a href="javascript:wtShowHighlight(9050.6);" onmouseover="return SomeStatus(\'Message\');"
onmouseout="return SomeStatus(\'\');">1


You can use enableTooltips(list) method is order to disable tooltips for the columns:


Or you can set custom tooltips:

<cell title=“some text” …>…

Also, if you want to disable custom tooltips, but have working title attributes of inline HTML tags, next code can be added to the init of dhtmlxgrid.

return false;