How to disabled Editor

I can’t find how to disabled the Editor on the documentation page, does Editor exist this Method ? anyway please show me how to disabled it. thanks a lot.

You need to get toolbar object from editor and call toolbar’s method disableItem via method forEachItem:

var eD = editor.base.toolbar; eD.forEachItem(function(itemId){ eD.disableItem(itemId); });

Thank for your reply!
Your code just disable the toolbar.I want to disable Both Editor’textbox and Editor’toolbar.
I try to run this code,but it dose not work.

var contentBox = editor.base.textbox; var contentBox = editor.base.content; var contentBox = editor.base.iframe;or

editor.editor.disabled=ture; editor.editor.contentEditrable=false;
Please give me smoe advice.

If you use editor as a form item, you can use form.lock() to disable the whole editor at once.

More you can use



This methor is not exist,and the from.lock() can’t disable Editor.
Do you have other way to disable the Editor?
This is my code:

var editor = new dhtmlXEditor("editorObj"); editor.base.toolbar.forEachItem(function (itemId) { editor.base.toolbar.disableItem(itemId); }); editor.init();
and I use vs2012.

form.lock() exactly disables an editor with all its buttons:

I devlop project with C#, form.lock() is not exist. Can you give me a demo witch disable the Editor.


form.lock() is on client side in javascript, not in asp

  1. update form/editor to latest versions
  2. if this will not help - please provide completed demo includong all corresponding js/css files, you also can send it to

Thank you two!
I can disable Editor with your help. I download the latest versions ,and call editor.setReadonly(true), Editor like an obedient sheep :laughing:

You are welcome!