How to display Chinese characters in the calendar



Are extended unicode characters (ie: Chinese Characters) supported in DHTMLX scheduler? We’re having problems getting them to display properly in our application. If you paste the characters into the lightbox, they are displayed properly, but are rendered incorrectly on the calendar view after saving the event.

I’m aware that this may be an issue app-side, but I’m looking for feedback as to whether or not they should be expected to work. On the application side of things, other areas not related to the scheduler work fine.

We’ve traced through the code and the issue appears to be related to the following section of code:
File name: dhtmlxscheduler.js

Line 1279 :

escape:function(data){ if (this._utf) return encodeURIComponent(data); else return escape(data); }

We’ve attempted to fix this in several different ways, but have not had any luck. any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


I have raised support ticket FMW-905050 against this issue