How to display only branch nodes ('folders')

Can somebody point me out how I can hide the leave nodes in a dhtmlxTree, only showing the folder? I can’t recognise this option in the API.

Thanks in advance.

You may set any required icon to your item while adding it to the tree: … nipulation

Also you may define the required icon for the node right in the xml/json with the data:


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?>

{id:1, text:“first item”,child:“1”,im0:“book.gif”, im1:“book1.gif”, im2:“book2.gif”}
im0 - image for a node without child items (tree will get images from the path specified in setImagePath() method);
im1 - image for an expanded node with child items;
im2 - image for a collapsed node with child items;