how to do custom time sorting between two cells

Im having two cells in grid (start time and end time) i need to validate time as end time should be greater than start time.

and i have completed validation using the folowing code

unction validate_grid(value,id,ind) { if(ind==1 || ind==2) { var patt=/^([0][0-9]|[0-9]|[1][0-9]|[2][0-3])[:]{1}[0-5][0-9]$/; if(!patt.test(value)) { mygrid.setCellTextStyle(id,ind,"background-color:yellow;"); if(err_str!="") err_str+="\n"+(ind+1)+".Enter numbers and (:) only..[ex.05:00 24hr format]"; else err_str=(ind+1)+".Enter numbers and (:) only..[ex.05:00 24hr format]"; return false; } else { mygrid.setCellTextStyle(id,ind,"background-color:white;"); return true; } } }

here ind==1 is start time and ind==2 is end time.i need to compare time between these cells.

i tried using im not getting it. please suggest me how to do it.

Thanks & Regards

Following by your link you can find a article about creating a custom time sorting. … me_sorting

If you still have any issues - please, provide a sample of your code.