How to download ical from scheduler

Hello Team,

I have integrated dhtmlx scheduler in my application and the scheduler working fine.
Now i want to download ical format of my scheduler data and want to use it on outlook, google calender etc.
how to download the ical format from the scheduler data and what is the process of using the ical format in outlook,google calender etc.

Thanks in advance

Check … _ical.html

Server side code of the above sample can be checked in the scheduler’s package.

Thanks for your reply,
but can you explain the process of using the ical format in google calender, outlook etc.

In “google calendar” you can add any url, pointint to ical file, as a calendar ( script will read file, parse data from it, and render data as new calendar )

In case of outlook - you can open ical file with outlook, or just drag-n-drop the file on outlook app - in both cases it will show events from ical file.