How to drag dataview with image in it

I constructed a dataview with image, the template likes “
I need to drag dataview items, however I failed for many times. Finally it turns out that I dragged the image, and if I dragged the text, then it works. So, how could I can drag the dataview item instead of the image when the mouse is placed above the image?
Thanks in advance!

Try to disable ondragstart for the image. I have attached the sample (27.2 KB)

Thank you, Alexandra!
It now works very fine!

Please add this information to the documentation.

It took me half a day to downtrace it and finally I found your solution here:

ondragstart=‘return false’

Thank you

Hello, karl napf
Ok, we will add it soon

It will be available soon by the next path:
Docs / DataView / Drag-n-Drop / Dragging Dataview items that contain images