How to Edit Custom Editor


I created one custom editor containing text boxes and combo boxes, I’m using SQL Joins for retrieving values from multiple tables, the values are name, address, state, etc, the events are displayed properly in scheduler. when I’m clicking on the event its data are not displaying in the custom editors text and com boxes. please give me a solution for this.


its showing undefined error in “node.childNodes[1].value” and “node.childNodes[4]”, how can i know the custom editors child node number?

Jobin K Joseph

The way how to locate inputs are based on the custom html , which you are using for the section.
You can try to use the next approach, which is bit more simple.

set_value:function(node,value,ev){ var inputs = node.getElementsByTagName("input"); inputs[0].value=value||""; inputs[1].value=ev.details||"";

Thanks for the information.