how to edit only one event of recurring event?

In the “normal” version of scheduler, by editing a reccurring event, it asks for change the whole events-set or the single, that was selected. But in the mobile-version it’s not such question and all events will be changed. How can I get the behavior like the normal-scheduler?

I’ve attached the dev version of mobile scheduler. It provides ability to enable editing/deleting one event from series.

You can use the following scheduler config property to enable dialogs you need:

scheduler.config.recurring_dialogs = true; (199 KB)

Fine, thank you very much! But one issue I have. When I click “Edit occurrence”, it makes a copy or dublikate of the event, and don’t edit it (like in the “normal version”). Can you customize this?


we have found an issue. However,the fix with the exceptions functionality will be included into the next version of mobile scheduler.