how to enable/disable combo

Hi Team,

Used dhtmlXComboFromSelect and enableFilteringMode(true). But, whenever form elements get disabled/enabled,

how do I disable and enable dhtmlxcombo automatically.



Combo API allows to make it enable/disable by using the following approach:

    combo.disable(1);    //disable
    combo.disable(0);    //enable

So you can get “disable” state of the html select before dhtmlXComboFromSelect call. And then set the same state to the combo.

How do I find the created dhtmlxcombo by id. Based on  value selection of one dhtmlxcombo,  I need to enable/ disable
multiple dhtmlxcombos when onchange event triggers.

Tried using document.getElementById(), still no luck.

The dhtmlXComboFromSelect returns the combo object, which can be used.

combo1 = dhtmlXComboFromSelect(…)
combo2 = dhtmlXComboFromSelect(…)


function changeState(){