How to enable scroll to a form attached in a layout?

Hi there,
I’m using a form which is attached to a layout’s cell. This layout has width and height. The form can be “longer” than this height, so that I can’t get to the bottom of the form. How can I enable a scroll bar in the form (or the layout’s cell ?) to be able to scroll all along the form ?
Thanks for your help

You may set custom CSS-class for Layout cell and Form to override ‘overflow’ property. See this snippet:

Thanks for your answer, doing this the content of the form is going "above’ the cell, but I don’t have a scroll bar…

Have you forgotten to set the CSS-class for Layout Cell?

I solved it using “overflow:scroll” and not “visible” for the form :slight_smile:
Thanks !

No it was ok, my error was on the form css : overflow : visible instead of scroll :slight_smile: