How to enable smart rendering

I’d like to test the smart rendering new feature on a tree timeline not scrollable. Is it possible? Is it advisable?




to the configurations of createTimelineView() method. This feature works by default in the scrollable timeline.

Thx Polina. Where I can find documentation of what it do exactly? Is it noticeable on a non-scrollable timelines?

PD. I can’t access to the url, login required.

Information about this option will be added to the documentation a little bit later. At present you can read details regarding to the smart rendering in our blog:

Yes, if you have performance issue in the non-scrollable timelines.

Sorry, there was an example with createTimelineView() that contains this setting.

Just so you know, there’s a bug in the timeline tree when you enable smart_rendering, at least on a non-scrollable timeline. When hoy collapse the level 0 section it disappears. Video:

I tried to reproduce the issue, but unsuccessfully:
Please try to replicate the behaviour from your video and send me the updated snippet, if you can.