How to enable Timeline or Multiple resources view?

Hi, I have the Wordpress plugin Scheduler 3.0 and interested in the Timeline and Multiple resources view. Unfortunately those are not enabled by default. I looked on the documentation at … melineview
but there is not mentioned on which files I have to insert those updates. Due to my ignorance on this kind of programming, I would need some extra help here, please! For example could you please detail these items:

  1. Include extra files (where? on which file?)
  2. Add new tab to the html template (what html template? on which file? where is that file?)
    Should I also add the templates as mentioned at: … cale_label
    On which files should I do that?
    Concerning the “Multiple resources view”, are there any instructions how to enable that also?
    Thank you very much!

If you are using plugin

  • create new custom field
  • set its type as select
  • check “timeline” or “units” checkbox