How to enlarge calendar

I need wide calendar ,about 400px (width) and 400px(height).
Is it possible at all ?
If yes,how to do it…

thanks- moty

Please, provide us a skin name which you use


Unfortunatelly, there is no ready sample.
In this skin, the appearance of the calendar is based on an image with defined sizes and if you want to change the size of the calendar, you will need to adjust all the images and almost the whole CSS code to match the sizes of calendar UI elements.

Is it possible in other skin ?
I can choose other skin…

The same situation with any other skin: you need to change almost all the styles plus all the pictures in sizes.
If you can do it yourself - just try: you need to iterate manually all the styles and set suitable sizes to images. If you want to do it with our help - mail to with a link to this topic.