How to ensure row post processing

I have to do some post processing after a row has been edited. I’m currently relying on the ‘onBeforeRowSelect’ to deal with the post processing for the ‘oldrow’. However sometimes the user edits the row and then clicks somewhere else on the page (i.e. outside the grid) and therefore the ‘onBeforeRowSelect’ event is not fired.

Any idea on how I can ENSURE that the post processing ALWAYS happens regardless of whether the user moves to a new row? Ideally an ‘onAfterRowUpdate’ event is what is required.


In your case it have a sense to use onRowDblClicked event: … dblclicked

or a onCellChanged event: … ellchanged

Hi Sematik, please would you explain how RowDoubleClick would help? Regarding onCellChanged, I had thought about it, but that happens for every cell in the row rather than only at the end of the row. Also a user may never change the last cell in the row.

This must be quite a common problem for other people as well, no?

Hi again,

doubleclick openes a cell editor. So if you need to control the editing of a row, it have a sense to try to use onRowDblClicked method.

What about onCellChanged i can hardly understand what you need.

Hi Sematik, OK I understand about DoubleClick but that only gives me editing of cell in the row. I have other areas of the screen which I need to update depending on what was entered in a row. However when a user edits cells in a row and then clicks outside the grid then no event fires and therefore I am not able to update the other areas of the screen.

The onCellChange doesn’t work because it fires for EVERY cell that is changed in the row and I don’t know whether the user has finished editing everything they want for that row. I need to know that all the processing for a particular row is finished before I can call my post processing routine, otherwise I get incorrect information if I try to do post processing after each cell change.

Hope you understand now.

Hi again,
i see now. So you may try to use onEditCell event. … editcell&s[]=editcell

This method have such parameters as “stage” & “cInd”.
With help of the first one (stage) you can control the ending of the editing (value “2”- the editor is closed), and with help of the second one (cInd) you can control if the cell that is editing is situated in the last column.

Hi Sematik, that would work IF the user always filled in the last cell. Some times they may change only one cell in the row (not the last one) and then move out of the grid. That’s the whole problem with GUI systems. Users can go wherever they want in any sequence which makes it difficult for us programmers to control the sequence of events!!

What is required is an ‘afterRowUpdate’ event really.

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