How to extend/modify the task rendering?

Is there a good way to extend the rendering of the task inside the gantt chart? We have a custom requirement to show additional dates related to the task, so not only start and end, but also something like ETA, actual completion date, and so on… I found a hacky way to build it, but I am wondering if there is an “official” way of overriding or extending the standard task rendering logic.


Could you clarify where you want to display it? In the grid, lightbox or the timeline?
We have examples to show baselines or planned dates and deadlines:
If that is not what you want, please clarify what you want to see and where you want to see that.

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Saved the day Ramil. This is exactly what I need! I wanted to add the additional dates like the “Deadline” example. On the same row of the Task, just in addition to the Task Element.

Thank you very much!!

@frankra thank you for the positive feedback.