How to feed data dynamically to Minicalender ( NOT ORIGINAL Events)


I want to know how i can feed data to mini calendar dynamically ( not from database ).
Normally it works automatically with the events that are saved in database and working with data processor.

In my case i have no events coming from data processor or database…
I have time ranges… lets say from 8am to 1 pm i have to create 1 hour events on calendar. But i want them to show also in mini calendar…

How can i achieve this? …
I’ll be grateful for any answer.



You can use addEvent() method to create event(s) dynamically:

A simple example that demonstrates how it might be implemented:

Open the minicalendar - you can see that there is no events.
Then click on “Add event” button and open minicalendar again - now you can see that Jun 14 is highlighted with yellow color that means that event occurs on this date.

My bad. Sorry…

It was from my side. My css went wrong that’s y they weren’t showing in calendar as a highlighted date.
Rest of the work was correct.

Thanks… You can delete my post :stuck_out_tongue: its useless


You can help me in this case.
If by using addEvent() or any other way.

Lets say i have 30 days events in array. And in a loop by using addEvent() i only want to put 10 days events on calendar. Rest of them i just want to show in minicalendar NOT on calendar.

How i can achieve this?

Unfortunately, there is no in-build way for it. Minicalendar displays all the same events as the calendar.