How to fetch data a certain day on own page?


How to present data on another, selfwritten php page?

My Scheduler works fine with a mysqli connection.

I just want to fetch data from database without Scheduler and present it as regular rows in a “no scheduler page” from a given day in url.
(like list.php?dat=2019-01-25)

I want to echo same data from mysql from a loop like
foreach ($db->query($sql) as $row) {

echo ‘.$row[‘subject’].’ ‘.$row[‘text’].’;

I just dont know how to do it? im using php and mysql.


Please someone? This is kind of important to me.



Possibly the video will be useful for you


I know how to use php and mysql. But no expert.
I just dont know how to select the recurring events and present it on a given day?

week_2___4#6 <— This I dont understand from rec_type

$sql = "SELECT * FROM events_rec WHERE  start_date < $now AND end_date > $now AND rec_type = $today";

All I want is to fetch all events from a given day. Some is recurring and some are not.