How to fetch dhtmlx touch combo value

How to fetch dhtmlx touch combo selected value.Source code is attached (261 KB)

To get selected combo value you may use getValue() method:

var value = $$(“control_combo_5”).getValue();

Here is how an initial value can be set:


Thanks alexndra.
It gives the selected value.
In the dhtmlx touch API.I did not find any method to get the dropdown label(i.e text).


The list that is inside combo popup can be got by “[comboId]_list” id. So, you may use the following approach:

var value = $$(“control_combo_5”).getValue();
var text = $$(“control_combo_5_list”).item(value).value;

item(itemId) method returns a data object by its id. item(itemId).value - the “value” property of the data object.

Thanx alexndra.It worked