How to find 'duplicate' rows?

I’m currently working with a Version 3.0 Professional edition. I’m trying to figure out a way of identifying if a new row being added already exists as a duplicate in the grid.

Is there a better way then searching each columns value with the new cell value for the column and then finding if in the results there is one or more common row_id. That seems an incredibly tedious way of doing it.

All suggestions for alternatives would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.

You may check if the new adding row id is already contained in the grid using the the getRowById() method.
the method returns the html object of the row or the NULL if there is no row with such id in the grid.

Hi Sematik

Thanks for your response, however the row_id is the only thing that would be guaranteed to be different. I was thinking more of all the other content fields in the row.

Unfortunately three is no complex ready solution.
You should compare the cell values manually for these rows with the duplicating ids.