How to fire an event when I changing the data manually in lightbox

I want to do something after the data has been changed manually in the lightbox.
for example:
I have a department, start date and end date in the lightbox, after changing the value of the department, the start date and end date will be changed automatically before the Save button clicked.

how to implement it?

Hi Lypch,
sorry for the delay. You can implement this feature when the onLightbox event fires. Inside the handler, you have an event id. You can get the event object via scheduler.getEvent(id) method and set a new department or date when you change the value.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any kind of example of this feature.

But according to the document , it looks that the onLightbox just be fired after the light box has opened. I think it just fired only once, isn’t it? or it will always be fired when the data is changed?

Hi Lypch,
The scheduler.getEvent(id) event fires only when you open the lightbox. If you want to close the lightbox without clicking buttons, please add scheduler.hideLightbox() method after you set the value to your event: