How to fix task position when i drag the task which is has the calenderTime?


Here is my question: When I create a task , and set the calendar time which is non-working day. If my task is absolute in the non-working time zone and I start to drag the task, because of the duration’s auto calculate, my task will indent to a line or a small zone.

How to fix the task width when I drag it even I set the non-working day ? I find a lot of API but still can’t find the way to do it …

Help !!!


You can remove the work time settings for the whole chart or for the task, then Gantt won’t shrink it if it starts during the non-working time and you drag it.
To do that for the whole chart, you can turn off the gantt.config.work_time parameter.
To do that for a specific task, you can add the following property to the task object:

"calendar_id": "fulltime"

Here is an example: