How to fixed toolbar "Search_hd" when Input Method show?

var Search_View = { id: "Search", rows: [{ view: "toolbar", type: "MainBar", id: "Search_hd", height: 55, elements: [{ view: "text", id: "Search_q", labelWidth: 0, placeholder: "请输入搜索关键字" }, { view: "button", label: '搜索', width: 72, click: 'Search("Search_q")' }] }, { view: "template", id: "Search_bd", css: "content", scroll: true, waitMessage: true, template: Alex.Init }] }
:confused: When “Search_q” get focus,the view at the bottom of the pop-up Input Method, And “Search_hd” scroll up. How to fixed “Search_hd” when Input Method show?

The auto-scrolling of view can’t be affected as it is the native phone behavior, phone adjust screen to show the input in visible part of the screen. This phone feature can’t be controlled by js code.