How to force gridbox div (with splitAt) inside a parent div

Hello. I am using dhtmlxGrid v.1.5 Professional edition build 71114.

My gridbox div is using splitAt and is attached to a parent div so it is contained nicely in my app’s layout. Without setting a fixed height on the gridbox’s style, I want to be able to make the gridbox’s div to match in height the size of the browser window it is opened in and shrink or increase in height when the browser window is resized. This behavior is similar to the behavior I’ve seen on GoogleDocs spreadsheet app.

I am not sure there is a built in set of js calls or css to do so, but is this possible?

Thank you.

The grid can be switched to percent based height mode, in such case it will automatically change its size of resize of window, please beware that it will not react on changes if they done only inside dom ( not window resize, but some custom area resizing )

Please check attached samples (80.8 KB)