How to get a particular Hidden Column Values when Grid Value


How to get all row values at a time in a particular column in grid while submit the grid?

For Example,

I am loading the Grid using JSP Struts.

I have the grid values like this:

column1 column2

1 3

3 4

7 5

The column 2 is hidden column.

Now i want to copy the 1 and 7th Row and paste it after 7 and I Click the Save button

Now I want to get the Hidden Column Values…

How Can I get these Column Values…

I want to perform this action when Grid is saved

I am using dataprocessors for Saving the Data in the Grid for Cell edit…for this I am using JSP and Struts…

Thanks and Regards

Udhayabala Chandar

The data of any cell can be accessed as
where i - row ID
       j - column index

or by

where i - row index

       j - column index

If you are using dataprocessor - values of hidden column will be sent to the server side as part of row data
Dataprocessor sends info only about updated rows. I’m not sure which API you are using for copy|paste operation. If it not mark rows as updated you can do it manually by calling