How to get all recurring Dates between start and end date.

I want to send email to client on each recurring date of event.
I have startdate ,enddate and rec_pattern can some one provide a method which return all dates between startdate and enddate using recurring pattern.

Thanks in advance.

it should be done on server side, so solution really depends on what backend do you have.
If it’s php, try using this tool
If you use .NET - dhtmlxScheduler for .NET provides similar helper … ing_events
unfortunately there is no ready tool for Java

Thanks for quick reply,
I am using .net handlers can you suggest how to implement it with handlers.


If you not using dhtmlxScheduler for .NET dll’s and have custom code or dhtmlxConnectors - You’ll have to parse the format of repeated appointments manually, and I can’t suggest any easy way to implement it. You can check this article for some details of recurring events format, but that’s about all docs we currently have on the matter … ntegration

Can you please provide a solution either in C# or in javascript.
which takes 3 parameters “startdate” ,“enddate” and “rec_pattern” and return all recurring date of event.


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