How to get all the row values in a Particular column


How to get all row values at a time in a particular column in grid while submit the grid?

For Example,

I am loading the Grid using JSP Struts.

I have the grid values like this:

column1 column2

1 3

3 4

3 5

Now i want all the row values (1,3,3) in the column ‘column1’ at a time while submit the Grid.




You can use next js code


I want to perform this action when Grid is saved

I am using dataprocessors for Saving the Data in the Grid for Cell edit…for this I am using JSP and Struts…

If suppose I edit a cells in 2 rows and click the Save button…

How do I get the Hidden Columns Values in the JSP…

For Example

Id   taskNo  TaskName

1     11         test

2     21       design

3     33        code


the “taskNo” is hiddencolumn  suppose I edit row 1 and 3 and click the Save button. I want to get the Hidden Column Values 11,22,33 in my JSP page




The dataprocessor sends all data from rows where edit operation occurs, so you will get value of hidden column for rows 1 and 3.
The second row was not updated , so its data will not be sent to server.