How to get cell class

I can assign a class to a cell using:
But if I do that it overrides any existing class for that cell. If I can get any existing class for that cell first, then I could assign both the new class and the existing class to the cell.
My question: Is there a grid function in your API for getting a cell’s class?

You may use the getAttribute() method:
For example:


If I run the following:
I can then see in the Web Console that indeed the cell now has the class of “xyz”.
However, the result I get in the alert is: undefined

I see.
You’re right. Unfortunately it is not available to manipulate with the cell classes using the setAttribute/getAttribute methods.

Unfortunately there is no official API allowing to add classes to the grid cells.
You may use your original format:


it allows to get the cells class and to set(append) it.