how to get distinct value of column

how to get distinct value of column in dhtmlxgrid because i want to use my own select filter. But before that i need to get distinct value from column and than attach new option called “custom” and we click custom it will pop up textbox for min and max value. and than i want to do filter between min and max value.
so question is how to get distinct value of column?


You may collect all possible values in the column of the grid using the collectValues() method: … lectvalues

Thank you for your quick reply,
suppose if i have to do filter by range of two value how can i do that?
For Example:
var x=5;
var y=10;
If i want to filter column says “Grade” it has all student from grade 1 to 10,
than how do i filter using two value(5,6,7,8,9,10).
i tried using for loop
for(var i=x;i<=y;i++){
var str=i.toString();
but it doesnt work so can you please help me…

You may use the filtering function right the filterBy method.
Please, refer to the following example: … ilter.html
(“Filter column[0] < 500” button)

Thank You So Much…