How to get fourth field values specified in SQL query?

Here my scenario, i have rendered my own custom query and i want to get the field values specified in render_sql functions

For example
$scheduler->render_sql($SQL,“id”,“start_time,end_time,label,status,operatory_id,prov_id”, “”, “”);

I am getting the values start_time, end_time and label in javascript function scheduler._render_v_bar=function(id,x,y,w,h,style,contentA,contentB,bottom){

Here contentA is start_time - end_time and label as contentB . My question is how can i get the status field value for manipulation. Please reply asap. Please let me know if any doubt.

Thanks in advance

Actually, there are a better places for data manipulation, both contentA and contentB are results of templates - which are recommended way for customization.

In any case, you can use