How to get row state?

I want to know state of all rows in grid.

Added, updated or deleted

I’m only aware of one way to get status of each row and that is using the ‘change’ event ( status: string - the status of the operation:“add”|“update”|“remove”):“Change”, function(id,status,updatedItem){
console.log(“An item is updated”);

Perhaps you could add a ‘status’ value to your data file that updates on each change so the row status is always available to you? Or, maybe DHX support has a better way?

Hi :vulcan_salute:, this is only an observation. In the case you need this informatión in the browser DataCollection has an private property called _changes. This is for internal use, but maybe you can use it to get the state of the row… Be careful because I do not know if there are any side effects that could lead to unforeseen results. For example, when a save operation is successfully performed the order array is updated. A support member could dispel my doubts.

See this example and display the console to see the state of the _changes property.

We can do something like this:

function getRowState(data, id) {
    const changes = data._changes
    if(changes && changes.order){
        for(let i of changes.order){
            if(id ==={
                return i.status

// Then call 
const state = getRowState(, 23)

I hope that it will help you